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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight a new plan to increase the number of disabled parking. >> a major security overhaul at san francisco general. the sheriff's department reacts to a blunder. a uc berkeley frat house is w.a history of partying is ordered to disband. and the growing relief effort for the typhoon in the philippines now in the bay area. >> if you think it's hard to find a parking spot in the bay
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area, try being disabled. >> so what does that mean forest of us? people with disables are concerned with some of the proposed changes as well. we are live in san francisco city hall with the story. heather? >> >> reporter: advisory committee says adding spaces will give a head start on handicapped space percentages coming down the a?kn francisco, even nicest people can get testy when someone threatens to take away their space. the transit first city o san francisco is aiming to reduce parking generally. but will be asked to increase it for disabled drivers who say not all of them can take transit, and they need more. a lot more. nearly 500 more handicapped spaces forok starters. >> we have people with disabilities living longer. so it's a need in general.
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>> right now, placard holders can park for free the misuse by those who don't need them is rampant. there are 23 regular parking spaces on this block. this afternoon, 19 were filled with cars with handicapped placards. a woman in an adjacent building saysç she stnt think it's patients because those cars are there, all day. >> i want to be chairitable. but the fact is that there is not enough parking. there is not enough turnover for everybody. there is no enforcement.lp >> reporter: a special committee will be asking the city and state to add more blue zones, a 70% increase,ñi increa dmv oversight after provals, put reasonable time limits for the
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parking. the committee member says it includes asking dmv to link photos to the holder. >> that way, they can scan the and know something is wrong, right away. >> the board will vote november 19th, and supervisors, the 5th. they can encounter pressure from able-body whoed think there must be a better solution. >> if you can't find parking whether you're able bodied or not. >> abc7 news learned there is a big shake up in the sheriff's security unit at san francisco general hospital after a patient went missing two weeks, only to be found dead in a stairwell. there is now a federal investigation into this case. vic lee is live at the hospital tonight with the story. >> reporter: what we've learned about this shake up here att( s francisco general hospital,
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we're told it does not involve anyone getting disciplined or getting fired. that this is just the beginning of that shake up. >> it maygs look good on paper. >> reporter: hank harris, the lawyer for the family is not appeased by the shake up the a.reassignments come on the heels of a news conference when he apologized for his department's slow, shabby search for the 57-year-old woman. spalding's body found october 8th in a locked stairwell, 17 days after she disappeared from her room. wednesday, mirkarimi promised to make a preview of security. >> this assessment includes a review of resources needed to provide 24-7 law enforcement services. >> reporter: we learned four people have been transferred out
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of the hospital security unit the unit will be under command of a captain who reports to mirkarimi two. additional lieutenants, two arjstill there deputies the hospital security unit comprised of 28 deputies and institutional officers will have a total of 31 members. harris says this is just changing personnel. not real reform. >> you don't change the protocol if you don't have the people to make sure they do their jobs. it's no different than before. the shake up is... more for looks than it is, i think, of any real substance. >> reporter: the sheriff"n te us therelpzvv: will be more st changes next week. abc7 news learned investigators have been at the hospital all week, conducting their own probe. controls the funding of medicare
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and medicaid to hospitals. they can fine, and shut down hospitals if they find problems that aren't later fixed. bay area÷ú philippinos gearg up for anb major relief effort after one of the strongest storms slammed into the philippines. ap reported at least 100 people have been killed hundreds of thousands more cut out power and communications to thousands of others with gusts up to 170 miles per hour. but did move on quickly before causing more damage. abc7 news reporter takes a look at relief efforts. >> reporter: some organizations started to ask for donations red cross is watching, and waiting to see how things develop. filipino channel in redwood city reported how the bay area is reacting to the
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deadly typhoon in the philippines. information on howr to help victims also posted. henry is a reporter there her family is back in the philippines. >> just the fact you don't hear from them. that makes you more tense yod just want to hear their voice, to know they're okay. >> it caused hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes, many are still in shelters tw years ago the organization the project collected goods for the survivors of the 2011 typhoon, today, announce, another campaign from 10:00-2:00. >> we need survival items. more rice. baby food and formula. that type of thing.
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>> reporter: in the outer mission district people have been droppingxd by the philippi community center to donate money. >> we figure by just concentrating on monetary donations and giving them to organizations they know whatç do with the money. >> reporter: it will be a few days before they can get to areas devastated by t?wz+o:gív are sked dwroulde1ç -- schedulo take aerial images. >> thank you, leanne. the relief drive will be held at rnc motor cars find out how you can help on abc7 >> and let's bring in abc7 news weather anchor. where is this
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super typhoon now? >> it's out in the south china saechlt it's moving towards vietnam. but let me show youym thisçó black and white image fr yesterday. 24 hours ago. notice how clearly defined the eye is. just making its way to land fall. now going to our, there it s moving on shore right there powerful category 5. it is passed through central philippines into the south china dangerous storm. maximum winds 145 miles per hour. gusts to 175 miles per ÷ú% hour. and it'sxd÷ú headed towar vietnam, expected to make land fall in thehtçym morning as a category 3 storm, then movingp, inland and weaken to tropical storm force by about sunday.ñdp dan? xd carolyn? >> thank you. very much. in addition, the concern about the human toll there is concern
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philippinesç reefs are already threatened by pollution, and global warming. in big storms, those reefs areu! a buffer8 th protects the shore line. a scientist is head together o work with the government to ensure the reefs stay healthy. >> coral reefs and forests on the water's edge really provide an important buffer to make sure that these storms haveg impact. the trip planned before the typhoon hit. scientists say work is more considerate tall than ever. a fraternity with a hist rif hazing is shutting down. the final straw, a huge party this fall. laura? >> reporter: the fraternity ordered closed by national organization for not cleaning up its act where hazing and
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drinking are concerns the problems at beta beta pi go back several years but last straw when the frat threw a big party without what national calls anything close to proper risk management around drinking in particular. no one from the chapter would comment but we did talk with members who say they tried to do a better job of policing themselves. >> i think a lot of it comes down to leadership within fraternities in general. they have leadership and it's berkeley. a lot of people are intelligent. >> now, tonight. likely to be a big party night the football team hosts ucs tomorrow night. as for the fraternity, then, the building
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may be rented out. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> the i team has been investigating. >> binge drinking in cal since the start of the school year. what i found is having a major impact putting you in danger. i'll have the story coming up. >> also tonight the sentencing of a south bay politician hauled away in handcuffs late today. abc7 newsñ reveal what google hs in mind for that barge on the bay. u-verse was made for me.
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i know. yes! that's the missing piece! [ male announcer ] rethink possible. new at 6:00 crews still on the scene of a grass fire in martinez that broke out just after 4:00. according to the fire department, about three acres burned. no structures are brush fire that is estimated at 132 acres less than initial estimates but continues to threaten structures in the ear area. the fire is burning east of highway 29. >> a former santa clara count county supervisor is headed to jail tonight. a little mer than
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an houring ao, he was led away in handcuffs in san jose. in march, he pled guilty to misuse of $100,000 of public funds his defense claims he sur suffered enough. the prosecution argued he had to be punished for deceiving the public. into is meant to show others that maybe thinking of violating public trust they'll be prosecuted and held accountable, and sent to jail. >> is he also banned for life from seeking public office in california. >> we have new details tonight about that mysterious google barge docked at treasure island. documents reveal when done, it will feature giant sails and move from port to port.. people we've talked to are giving the barge a thumbs up.. >> i think it's cool. i think it's going to give sort of a new look to the bay.
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>> documents submitted to the port say when done, the barge will be a quote, unprecedented structure, flanked by sails reminiscent of fish fins. the floating studio will be moored in san francisco bay for a month at a time. to be used as a space where people can learn about google products >> it's a showcase a floating museum for google stuff. >> proposed locations includeñi several piers the barge may travel to other ports. when is anyone's guess. the port of san francisco says google hasn't applied for permits yet and work appears to be in a stand still. and then there is a question of interest if they build it, will they come? >> looks interesting. probably enough to decide to walk down here. >> usually i'm exercising. that is my focus i'm in the trying to stop, relax
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or anything like that. >> the backers promise it will be a unique addition to the water front. >> wild pigs continue to cause brob lems in san ramone. just today seen trotting through a gated community. another neighborhood on westside drive they keep destroying lawns. this week's yard assault marked the 10th time some lawns have been torn up. a trapper captured 12 bigs but the problem continues. they're hoping a rainy winter will help fix them. >> this is incredible. >> interesting. >> okay. >> it's planned i'm sure, take a look at live doppler seven. mainly clear skies right ÷únow.s
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just continues into the weekend. looking south ward, 56 degrees now in san francisco. 65, low 60s in san jose and los gatos. another live view looking west across the bay, temperatures 54 degrees in santa rosa, 57 napa. 55 novato. one more stunningly beautiful view from sutro tower, these forecast features will be clear overnight. mild days lying ahead this weekend. partly cloudy skies, cooler monday, which if! veteran's day. high pressure big ridge of it stillp dom natingç our weather conditions. start agent 7:00
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this evening, passing low cloud% overnight. sunny skies tomorry7 and into sunday clouds will approach theñi r coastline. then, looking fartherer into the forecast we have an approaching cold front beginning sunday, getting closer monday. clouds passing through. temperatures dropping monday, it's notmyxd likely to get rain of the system. rain chances are evaporating. there is a a chance in the north bay. north bay valleys low temperatures dropping into upper 30s tomorrow, herej sunny, mild day. in th,=ñ south bay, high temperatures ranging from low to mid-70s, 72 san jose.xdu!xkç 7 to 71ñiç in redwood city. mid-
7:21 pm
on the coast. pacifica and half tomorrow, north bay, 60s on the coastal areas and inlandzv 74 a santa÷ú ñirosa. 73 napa.ym
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byç mid @
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a church is -- members of the church are reaching into pockets once again, donating enough mb to feed up to 100 needy families but last week, someone cut a lock and chain and made off with a majority of the food. some members say the break in was disheartening. >> good thing is that we've announced to it our congregation, that it has been stolen. they bounced back to
7:25 pm
support the families and started donating more than before. it's a good thing to see everyone rally together. >> church leaders say they just want to be able to feed the needy. >> hundreds waited in line to sign up forsake cred heart community service food and toy give away. first people arrived at 3:00. 150 volunteers registered clients who will be able to pick up footed and toys before thanksgiving and chas. >> they're having to choose between essentials one reason why we give out food is that we never want people to choose to not feed their children. >> we sing praises to sacred heart and others donate together community. and it helps me to have something that is a tradition for thanksgiving dinner. >> sacred heart needs more donations of food and toys
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if you'd like to go to help go to abc7 and click on see it on tv >> coming up next on abc7 news an i team report dangerous binge drinking night after night of abuse we'll show you impact it's having on the entire community. >> also, here tonight a rainbow ribbon salute to an east bay teenager. a passenger in a skirt, burned on a bus. >> daily deals give you great discounts but what if the merchant won't honor the voucher? ah
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this is the uc berkeley fraternity now has been disbanded. >> a party this fall proved to be the final straw. so what happened is actually a symptom of a serious drinking problem at cal. >> it's putting a strain on emergency services in berkeley
7:30 pm
and beyond. >> binge drinking has been something of a secret but we spent many nights documenting the problem the numbers jumped this school year alen more than 100 students had to beaken to the hochlt dangerously drunk. the start of the year caught officials and police by surprise. never before have so many students gotten so drunk they needed an ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> we need an ambulance for a second patient, 2715, channing. >> reporter: fire department reports and recordings obtained by the i team under california public records act stel tell the story, sunday night. the calls came in from frat houses and dorms. >> 20-year-old male. etoh.
7:31 pm
>> that is shorthand for ethel alcohol. >> we had 18 calls so we're transporting it's a major concern because you know ambulances are limited. so they're taking all over the city capacity. >> berkeley fire tells me the seven fire engines, two ladder trucks and three ambulances so busy they had to call for mutual aid, ambulances from other cities. >> we'd respond one group to the campus, another call would come in. >> at 1:37 that morning a crew notes extremely high call volume at uc berkeley causing delays in obtaining ambulance. the patient had to wait 20 minutes for an ambulance. >> it turned out it was a drunk kid if that was someone having a heart attack or stroke that, is
7:32 pm
key to survival. >> the night put a strain on the hospital the emergency room full of drunk students. ambulances had to be diverted to other hospitals. >> we've experienced that people are drinking more. >> terry arnold works with cal students. iets not unlikely to have assess a client here saying i took 11 shots in a minute. your system can't handle that. >> we wanted to find out what's happening at the cal campus but berkeley fire refused to approve a ride along with one of the crews so weekend after weekend, i team monitored the dispatch channels and beat the firefighters to the scene. we found a limp bodies being lugged out of frat houses. and dorms.
7:33 pm
and it's such a sense tich issue, the chief would not allow us to interview. but one is stepping forward, not showing his face. >> if i was a parent and my kid was going to this college, i would be really, really concerned. especially if it's a young woman. >> on ut cals has sexual assault been an issue? >> 3, 4 guys trying to carry a young woman out of the party. we confronted the gentleman he admitted he didn't know her. who know what's intennings were. >> reporter: the firefighter tells me cal has done little to stop the binge drinking. usually police accompany crews on the calls they rarely write citations. >> you're saying police officers have told you or your colleagues they're instructed not to cite the kids for under aged drink something >> correct. we've had several
7:34 pm
police officers tell us not to. >> a spokesman for uc campus police sent an e mail denying they've instructed not to cite students. we've identified 107 students transported to the hospital. how many students did police cite in that same time period? two. they say they can't cite them if they don't see them drinking and they're technically off campus, but there were plenty of calls from campus housing. >> the fact the numbers are going up, it's in fact possible evidence that we're making a difference. >> what we called for an interview, uc berkeley steered to us the manager of the party safe at cal program. kara hughes confirms the number of students being transported to the hospital is up, but she tells me that is because of better education. students urged to
7:35 pm
call if they see a friend in trouble. the message is reinforced. >> tarring quitting messages on the back. someone passed out after drinking. >> hughes admits there is more work to do and tell meez if she can reach a prominent party hosts and urge them not to overserve guests perhaps drinking culture can change.. >> i flif beshgly. if it was my child who needed something urge dwlaent night and an ambulance was hard pressed to come to us because they were dealing with unnecessarily overintoxicated students, that would make me angry. >> cal is not alone. campuses around the bay area are grappling with this issue. but cal has seen a surge this year. one possible solution to take pressure off is some schools keep the student health center staffed on party nights so drunk students wind up there, not in the e.r.
7:36 pm
>> just point out. friday night, you can get more video. >> thank you very much. security check point operations halted at 9:20 this morning the time when a tsa officer was shot and killed one week ago. similar contribute united states took place in bay area airports as well. two other officers and a buy stander were wounded as was the suspected gunman, who remains hospitalized in critical condition. several east bay schools showed support for a teenager lit on fire in what prosecutors are pursing now as a hate crime. the student was wearing a skirt on a bus. investigators say a 16-year-old richard thomas lit the skirt on fire the suspect is a student at oakland high school. today,
7:37 pm
students tied rainbow ribbons around bus stop poles to show their support for victim. and they're also holding a fund raising drive. >> you know, everyone is upset. sasha's closest friends are extremely upset. but it's obviously something we've never had to deal with before. it's -- it's bizarre. >> students at oakland high school are holding a fund-raiser hoping to support sasha. the teenager is recovering in san francisco burn center. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 greenpeace ship now in san francisco. >> it's the group's greenest, ever, but has another unique purpose as well. stay with us.
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did well, too, after reporting higher profits gap gained almost 10% but twitter fell by $three a share today z if you have a problem with your iphone, you may be able to take it to the apple store, right now they'll replace a broken screen but by the end of the year they may do other services as well. >> greenpeace's greenest ship is on display in san pran the first large boat built just for greenpeace the organization will use it for excursions and confronting vinyl offenders crew members often put themselves at risk on missions today greenpeace released video of a crew on another vessel arrested for protesting an arctic oil rig. 30 being held for piracy. >> we need to go to our liberty on the line and make a stand for what we're doing. i don't want
7:42 pm
to go to prison but i feel like we have to do what we can to make people listen. >> the rainbow warrior will be open to the public this weekend. it's docked in san francisco's pier 15 next to the exploratorium. >> online daily deals turning into daily duds. >> the growing number of people unable to redeem vouchers purchased. stay with us. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to g get a better bundle. just choose the two, three, even four services you want to build a bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now. choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price for two years.
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♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! you probably see the pop up, daily deals from companies like groupon offering discounts on everything from dining to yogurt. >> yes. michael finney is here to tell us about the risk. >> you look and they give you a huge discount on daily deals from companies like groupon offering discounts on everything from dining out to, yoega. but how reliable are the deal vouchers? we decided to check it out.
7:46 pm
sandy eager to get scrapes and dirt off her suv. >> my car was in dire need of tlc. a daly deal caught her eye. she'd get a $200 detailing package for just $99. diablo auto polishing will dot job. >> wax job, polishing. wash the leather. >> this is where my daughter sichlts >> in hayward, jennifer's car needed a cleaning too. she found a similar daily deal. >> including shampooing of the inside. which is what enticed me. >> she'd get a $150 detailing by diablo auto for $69. both tried to use them. >> he said i'm booked for several months i won't have anything until
7:47 pm
august.. >> i couldn't see you until october 2nd. >> sandy couldn't get an appointment until after the deal would expire. jennifer, couldn't either. they said diblo polishing delayed dates then refused to dot job. >> we can't honor the vouchers get your money back from living social. he said i'm not going to dot car. >> we contacted diablo auto polishing venl the owner did not want to go on camera but tells us the daily deal company did not compensate him fairly. he stopped honoring vouchers and tells customers to get a refund. so what if you buy a deal but don't get it? >> it's still wild west with respect to understanding what you're getting into. >> this consumer law attorney says buyers should get money back from the p company. >> go after the company that sold you the deal. that is who
7:48 pm
you have the contract with. >> terms and conditions are pages of fine print. amazon locals policy says you have trouble redeeming a voucher please contact us. it doesn't promise a refund. a spokesperson told us amazon would like the opportunity to provide a refund the living social policy says you get a refund if the merchant goes out of business, however, if it won't honor the voucher living social would refund the money. it did give her her money back. >> yes. yes for that. >> the big daily deal companies are treating vouchers as gift cards. here in california gift cards cannot expire, however, the way the companies interpret the law, the amount paid never expires but added value of the deal can expire. so if you have trouble let me know about it. you can
7:49 pm
contact me through our web site abc7 all big companies are giving you your money back the money spent not the deal you want. >> right. right. >> thank you >> sure. >> another check on the weekend forecast. >> here is a daily deal you'll like. >> live doppler seven showing clear skies. looking at state wide conditions tomorrow, once again, sunny day with high temperatures through interior seks of the state well into 70s in chico, sacramento, fresno, down south in l.a. monterey a high of 64 tomorrow. neert bay area, sunny skies and mild again. high temperatures from mid-60s at the coast to upper 70s and 60s and low 70s around the bay to mid-70s in many milder locations. how about sunday's weather?
7:50 pm
49ers coming back home, game time, 105. sunny, mild, here is the accu-weather forecast. more mild weather throughout the weekend cooling down monday. veteran's day. maybe a sprinkle, then sunny, mild for next week. so we've got a case of the weather happies here. >> yes. >> enjoy >> may be november but some are getting their halloween treats now. take a look at this bear digging in. zoo animals enjoying pumpkins thanks to donations from patches. and they're not just for eating. the pumpkins used as food containers and for tigers it's some sort of a toy. tigers enjoy tearing them or bobbing for pumpkins. just as much as they like chomping on them. >> larry is here after a fabulous week. >> yes. >> let's hear about it. >> yes, ma'am. you notice you
7:51 pm
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ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. good evening, stanford feeling great. door to the national title a little bit more open. all after the cardinal stunned oregon last night. stanford controlled the ball and the clock the entire game. stanford held on to the ball 42 and a half minutes compared to ducks 17 and a half. stanford's defense came up with big turnovers. they neutralized marcus mariota. ducks only 62 yards rushing. 269 below average. think about that just a moment z after prodding stanford quarterback kevin hogan admitted this was a big win. >> you can now beat oregon twice.
7:55 pm
>> it's just another win. >> really? really just another win? >> it's a big win, good for the school i'm happy. we have to keep going we can't celebrate too much we've got to upset down in l.a. this week. >> yes. playing usc next week. college football tomorrow, you can watch tomorrow at 9:00 a.m on live well network. here is our line up tomorrow on abc7. at 5:00 p.m and we'll have highlights for you on after the game around 8:30. in the wake of the jonathan martin saga, toughness of players from stanford has been called into question by some. if you watch cardinals over oregon philly dominating ducks coach said there should be no question about the type of players at stanford. >> there has been a lot of talk about jonathan martin, god bless him, he'll play the game he
7:56 pm
loves soon enough. and do stanford guys have a problem is in the question usually comes after the team is so tough, and physical. plays so great on offensive and defensive line. >> meanwhile, national football post reporting ritchie incognito would hold meetings in a strip club. the suspended dolphin held a kangaroo court and fine those who did not attend one company wasting no time trying to capitalize, spirit airlines running a promotion don't be bullied by high fares, fly incognito. warriors taking no chance was steph curry, not playing in tonight's game. curry nearly a spectator tonight in a rematch of the thrilling second-round playoff series. take a look at the move the ball
7:57 pm
around here. it leads to a green three. then, warriors on the break. david lee gives it up. warriors down seven. tony parker magnificent. warriors down 40-33 at the half. 49ers traded terrell owens to eagles a decade ago this, sunday. they'll welcome him back as honorary captain. owens will be back to celebrate his performance in 99 playoffs including the catch that helped beat packers. it's been ranked fourth greatest moment in candle stick history. golf, tiger woods up watching stanford beat oregon at 3:30 a.m in turkey. teed off at 8:30. sleep is for the weak. after finishing his rain short first round, tiger set up a birdie there. lines up a birdie on the 6th. tiger nine under 63. one
7:58 pm
back of a foursome at the top. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> he should sleepless. >> yes. >> he often does but that is another story. >> oh, larry, larry. >> new concern tonight about three d printing technology. a company says it's just printed out a metal gun. >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 some posts you thought were private, now public. the new facebook function making it harder to hide, how it could be putting you at risk. >> that is good, larry. >> this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on twitter. thanks for joining us. >> have a good evening. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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who are struggling to conceive. i know how trying the process can be, because i've been through it myself. - carol, they're towing your car! - damn it. my kids are in there. - no! how? i came all the way up to westchester just to avoid you.


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